Lora Hall Graham

Senior Recruiter

Lora cut her teeth in manufacturing early in her career when she was hired by a Cummins Engine Company subsidiary to supervise two second shift manufacturing lines in a unionized facility. After enlisting in the United States Marine Corps, where she worked as a pay clerk tasked with making sure the Marines in the Atlantic Fleet received their pay on time, she was thrilled with the prospects of developing herself further in a top notch F500 organization. After spending several years learning about production, TQM, customer service, and people, Lora relocated to Dallas. The time was right, and as much as she enjoyed her job and colleagues, it was time for a career move. That’s when she found recruiting. Telecom was booming in Dallas and the place was awash with money making opportunities. Not being one to shy away from a challenge, Lora embraced the whole “matchmaking scene” with all the gusto of someone who had just found their life’s calling. So she cold called, she interviewed, she made offers and she closed deals one after another until she navigated her way from contingency search to retainer search and then to corporate contracts. She loves the recruiting process and truly enjoys helping businesses and individuals flourish. For her, there’s no better feeling at work. Lora holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Anderson University, a master’s degree in educational psychology from Tennessee Tech, and a graduate certificate in professional and executive coaching from the University of Texas at Dallas.